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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Host a Black and White Dinner Party

By Dawn Meisch

If you need to plan a dinner party, but can’t think of a what theme to use, consider a Black and White Party. Choosing a party based on a few colors makes planning and decorating an easy task. Black and White are elegant colors that when blended together suggest a more sophisticated atmosphere. They also combine with other accent colors effortlessly.

The great thing about black and white is that it goes with everything. Most of polkadotpapershop’s invitations that are black and white also have accent color, which can be included as part of your overall color scheme.

No matter what atmosphere your party is or whether it is formal or causal, decorating is an easy matter when using black and white colors. An elegant arrangement of black and white taper candles or a black pedestal bowl filled with all white flowers adorning your table would be sure to impress your guests.

For this party, guests can be asked to choose their favorite of the two colors, and dress appropriately. More formal parties can ask for dresses or shirts and ties, while more casual parties can just ask guests to include at least one of the colors into their ensemble.

One aspect of your dinner party that can’t be overlooked is the dinnerware your food is served on. Noritake has some great dinnerware patterns that keep with the black and white theme like Stone Charcoal or Evening Glow as well as many other options.

Even with your menu, you can incorporate your color theme. You can either choose some black or white side dishes or cook only foods that are completely those colors. Mashed potatoes, wild rice, black beans, squid ink pasta, or anything dark chocolate would work well for your dichromatic dinner table.

Everyone will love the little touches that add to the color scheme. With some planning, your black and white dinner party will be a hit with your guests. It will be successful enough to repeat every year.