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Celebrating all that is the 4th

Every winter & spring, I long for the days of fireworks, ice cream, sprinklers, lightening bugs and strawberries. The 4th of July has long been my personal favorite holiday. I love everything about summer. Growing up in Virginia, I am strangely comfortable in 98 degree heat with 80% humidity. My mom always went all out for almost every holiday. 4th of July was no different. I remember watermelons carved out into baskets and filled again with fruit, blueberries and strawberries arranged into a flag on top of a whipped cream cake, playing ghost in the graveyard with the kids in our neighborhood, flags in the flowerpots, the smell of old bay and neighborhood parades. This 4th of July, I hope to help make memories for my daughter to celebrate.

The photo is courtesy of Martha Stewart, an all American party planner!